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Protect your bike against theft and be alerted in real time!

Slide the Bike Tracker into the reflector and attach it to your seatpost. In case of suspicious movement or attempted theft, you will be notified immediately on your smartphone. In the event of theft, our teams assist the police. Several hundred stolen vehicles have already been retrieved! 

An essential device to monitor your bike in complete discretion!

In urban areas, one in two cyclists has already had their bike stolen... Nearly 400,000 thefts were reported in 2016 in France, i.e. one per minute!

Whether you are a fan of the Tour de France, a leisure cyclist or a bike commuter (person who uses their bike to get to work), you probably know all about the dread of stolen bicycles. More and more French people are concerned about the safety of their vehicle, whether it is a bicycle or one of these new personal light electric vehicles (PLEV).

The Invoxia Bike Tracker is the best solution to enjoy this mode of transport serenely and safely. It also allows you to lock your two-wheeler in the street without the fear of it disappearing, even at night. Discreet and lightweight, this connected reflector can be easily attached to the seat post or luggage rack for better visibility on the road.

The Invoxia Bike Tracker acts as an active mobile anti-theft device during trips and when the bike is parked: once installed, it can detect vibrations after a prolonged period of inactivity (>5min) to warn the user and allow them to intervene in time. It also helps prevent damage, notifying the owner if the vehicle is pushed or knocked over when parked.

Unlike other trackers that require an expensive monthly subscription, the Bike Tracker is available at no extra cost: a 3-year subscription to the LoRa or Sigfox low-power network is included in the retail price.