Rion2 - RE60S

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A high performance entry-level hyper-scooter.

Body and deck full carbon, 84V-25ah battery, Magura MT7 brakes. The RE60S has everything you've been dreaming of!

Your Rion 2 - RE60S will be delivered within 120 days if not on stock.


Rion 2 - RE60S: S for Superpowers!

The Rion 2 - RE60S runs in the footsteps of the limited edition RE60. Yes "she runs" because she inherits the battery pack from her big sister the Rion 2 - RE70.

Indeed, with this S model the RE60 goes from a capacity of 79,8V max (21ah) to a huge 84V max (25ah).

the result? increased power and greater range. In the end, even more fun!


Rion 2 - RE60S: Designed for Performance

The RION 2 - RE60S electric scooter is the new entry-level model from RION! It is based on the new modular chassis, allowing you to replace motors, batteries and controllers to obtain more power if you wish. We can easily compare it to a Formula one, everything is done to get performance.

Developed, manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles, the RION 2 - RE60S has a carbon fiber chassis / The front and rear arms are aluminum. Therefore, the RION 2 - RE60S weighs only 28 kgs all fluids onboard!

The Rion 2 - RE60S has 2 brushless motors. For maximum grip, RION has equipped its RE60S with PMT slick tires: 105/50 6.5 at the rear and 90/65 6.5 at the front.

Like all competition vehicles, the RION2 - RE60S is fitted with very firm suspension on the rear fork. The front fork when rigid for maximum control.


Rion 2 - RE60S: Made for you

RION offers on its RE60S model a large range of colors in glossy or matte but also a custom height of pole tube so that the machine fits its rider.

Rion 2 - RE60S: Strong braking system

The RION 2 - RE60S hyper-scooter is equipped with MAGURA MT7 (4 pistons per caliper) at the front and rear as well as 140mm rotor discs. No electromagnetic braking on this hyper scooter! Like any competition machine, any unnecessary assistance is removed.


Rion 2 - RE60S: Battery & Controllers

The RION2 - RE60S has an 84V 25Ah21700 high capacity rate cells.

Active and passive air cooled 160Ah controllers run the Rion 2 - RE60S engines, giving extreme acceleration from another world.

The RION 2 - RE60S hyper scooter is delivered with a 10Ah supercharger: recharge your battery in 2h only!

With such power, the autonomy at 30km/h of the RE60S, according to RION, is 65 kms. Like any electric vehicle, this range will decrease drastically when you push the scooter to its limits.


Rion 2 - RE60S: Agressive and sporty look!

The aggressive curves of the RION 2 - RE60S instantly recall the design of motorcycles or racing cars. Its sharp edgesslick tiresultra-present carbon and its colors give it an inimitable racy side! When we look at it, we can clearly see that the RION 2 - RE60S is in the category of hyper scooter!



  • Max Speed: 120 km/h
  • Carbon Fiber Body & deck
  • Sub Aluminium Front and Rear Arm
  • Carbon Fiber pole and handlebar
  • Battery: LI-ION 84V Max. 25Ah - High capacity rate cells.
  • Rion Controllers 160 Amps active and passive air cooled.
  • Average Autonomy Fast Ride: 45 kms*
  • Average Autonomy Normal Ride: 65 kms*
  • Weight: 28 kgs
  • Front Tyres: PMT Slick Racing  90/65 6.5
  • Rear Tyres: PMT Slick Racing  105/50 6.5
  • Wheel size: 11 inches
  • Brakes: Magura MT7 PRO
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Dimensions folded: L128,27cm x H52cm x W29cm
  • 2 years warranty, 1 year on battery