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The aluminium frame is finished with high-quality lacquer, which retains its stylish industrial look. This look, together with the high-quality Shimano parts, Gates Carbon Drive system, and Brooks Saddle and handles, give you both a high-quality and comfortable electric bike.



The bike is equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive system. The industry standard for a low maintenance belt drive. Clean, light, and strong. We have used a gear ratio of 2.75 to be able to cycle smoothly at a higher speed. Cycling or accelerating is, therefore, theoretically heavier, but because of the electric engine, you will barely notice.


Go anywhere in no time. The BROOKLYN has a 250 WATT electric motor in its rear axle, and a speed sensor in the bottom bracket to regulate the drive. The engine has 5 levels of support to a maximum of 25 km per hour assistance. The modes are preset but can be adjusted according to your preferences.


As with all WATT bicycles, the battery is integrated into the down tube, creating an ideal weight distribution. This makes cycling feel natural and familiar. The battery is a 36V - 10.5 Ah lithium battery developed by Samsung. to charge, you will use a charger that connects to the bike itself, comparable to charging your mobile phone. Charging an empty battery takes about 3 hours.

40 - 70 KM RANGE

How far you can cycle with a full battery (the range) depends on several factors. It depends on your weight, the level of assistance, and cycling conditions. For example, with strong headwind and support level 5, the range is smaller than on a flat road and support level 1. In general, you can assume that you can cover a distance between 40 and 70 kilometers. More than enough for daily trips in the city.




  • Wheel size: 28’ / 40-622
  • Frame-sizes: 54 cm and 59 cm - Aluminum frame & charging point on frame
  • Charge point: On the frame
  • Color: Aluminium
  • Brakes: Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Saddle: Brooks Cambium Blue
  • Handles: Brooks Cambium en rubber
  • Handlebars: Black handlebar with integrated display
  • Chain: Gates Carbon Drive
  • Mudguard: None
  • Rear light: Integrated in seat post - on bike battery
  • Kickstand: Double kickstand
  • Weight: 17,5 Kgs


  • Power:36V - 250W - 45NM (Rearwheel)
  • Maximum speed: EU 25 km/u, US 32 km/u
  • Pedal assistance: 5 levels
  • Drive: Via speedsensor
  • Brake interruption: No


  • Removable: No, integrated in frame
  • Battery: 36V - 10.5 Ah batterij

  • Capacity: 36V – 10.5Ah battery, 378Wh
  • Replaceable: Yes
  • Radius: 40 - 70 km

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Charging time: 3h
  • Charger: LI-ion battery charger


  • Size: Integrated in the handle bar
  • Illumination: Yes
  • Battery: Status display
  • Pedalassistance: Manual
  • Speed indication: km/h or mph
  • Functions: Average speed, distance, and time

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