Bikle Model R

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The R model, a Bikle that you will not be able to do without!


The frame of this electric bike is made in France.
It is made of 6060 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.


It is available in two colors.
The Bikle model R is available in Full Black or Old School version.

The Bikle Model R is equipped with a rigid fork
R, like "Rigid", As opposed to the S model which is a "Suspended" version


It is a bicycle with a powerful motor
All our models are delivered with a 750 Watt motor.

And a high capacity battery
The Bikle Model S is equipped with a state-of-the-art 640 watt-hour battery!

Vintage motorcycle headlight
For this version, we offer a vintage motorcycle headlight

See and be seen
Your safety is our priority.

The Bikle is equipped with tires approved up to 50km / h!
All of our bikes are fitted with Vee Tire tires.

A pretty and comfortable saddle!
Bikles saddles are made from high density foam.