Lupine Blika R4 SC

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Biking, Running, Climbing, Camping, Skiing: When developing the Blika, we asked ourselves what a lamp has to do to enable a broad spectrum of activities at night, combining the experience of all these segments into one Lamp - the Lupine Blika.
Type of light: Helmetlight
Light output: 2100 Lumens
Remote: Bluetooth with remote switch. App applicable.
Runtime: 1:05 h
Runtime Max: 80 h
Reach FL1: 300 m
Battery: 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick
Capacity indicator: with SmartCore
Weight incl. battery: 220 g
Battery setup: with FastClick system on the helmet mount
Delivery content: Bluetooth remote control (2-way-switch), lamphead Blika R, helmet mount FrontClick, Battery helmet mount FastClick, Peppi V5, 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick battery, Wiesel charger, Manual