Lupine Neo 4 "Smartcore"

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Our Neo 4 with capacity indicator and rearlight function comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Bikelights for cycling need a special beam pattern and even it only comes with a single LED, you get a nice center spot and still a very wide beam.

On full beam 900 Lumens will light up your trail for 2:15 hours, press the button for the low light and get up to 80 hours.

Type of light: Helmetlight
Light output: 900 Lumens
Remote: No. Can not be retrofitted. App not applicable.
Runtime: 2:15 h
Runtime Max: 80 h
Reach FL1: 160 m
Battery: 3.5 Ah SmartCore
Capacity indicator: with SmartCore
Battery setup: with velcro strap
Delivery content: Lamphead Neo, 3.5 Ah SmartCore battery, Helmet mount, 120 cm extension cord, Wiesel charger, Short velcro, Long velcro, Manual