Lupine Piko R4 SC "1900 Lumens"

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The new Piko as a helmetlight with 3.5Ah SmartCore FastClick battery, FrontClick, Bluetooth and remote control

The third generation Piko shines with a full 1900 lumens and has a independent diffuse reading and camping light. The CNC machined aluminum body has been completely redesigned and is 3 mm shorter than before, this moves the center of mass of the Piko closer your head, which allows a more comfortable wearing over long periods. The control electronics and thermal management were also completely redeveloped. Therefore the newest Piko now regulates much more dynamically and shines more effectively than before.

The button on the lamphead is now located in the middle of the lamp, it’s easier to locate, especially when operated with gloves, and clicks noticeably more pleasantly. The button of the Bluetooth remote control has also been optimized and the new App allows a unique free configuration of your lighting programs.

Type of light:Helmetlight
Light output:1900 Lumens
Remote:Bluetooth with remote switch. App applicable.
Runtime:1:15 h
Runtime Max:80 h
Reach FL1:210 m
Battery:3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick
Capacity indicator:with SmartCore
Weight incl. battery:180 g
Battery setup:with velcro in the pocket or backpack
Delivery content:helmet mount FrontClick, Battery helmet mount FastClick, Lamphead Piko R, Bluetooth remote, Peppi V5, 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick battery, Wiesel charger, Manual