Speedbox 3.0 for Bosch

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The third generation smart chip with the ability to adjust the speed limit of your electric bike. The SpeedBox 3.0 kit allows you to select and set the speed limit according to your choice. Once the SpeedBox is installed, actual data such as current speed, top speed, average speed, mileage and range is displayed on the screen.

We warn that the use of bikes fitted with the unlocking kit may be in contradiction with the legislation in force in some countries. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of SpeedBox products. It is forbidden to use electric bicycles equipped with SpeedBox products on roads, cycle paths and in public spaces. It is authorized to use electric bikes fitted with SpeedBox products only on private land and under their own responsibility. By using SpeedBox products, you take the risk of losing the warranty of the electric bicycle.

We also recommend using other safety and protective equipment to avoid injury when driving at high speed.